• Gary Hawton

Bulk Series Renewal Planning

One of the regular activities in the October/November timeframe is to visit each our your clients' Series Work Orders and create occurrences for the upcoming year. Depending on the number of Series you have, this could take quite a bit of time.

The new Bulk Series Renewal allows you to create multiple renewals quickly and easily. It is so easy to use, you may not even want to create a year's worth any more -- you can create occurrences for any period of time as it is fully date driven.

Upon entering the screen, you'll notice two main sections. There is a list on the left side containing each of your Series items, and a box on the right to edit them if necessary. Each series will show you the frequency of the series, as well as the next date that would be created.

If you need to modify the Series details, you can click on the "Edit Series" link to take you directly to the Work Order Entry screen. If you need to modify just the Occurrence details, like frequency or next date to assign, you can do that by clicking on the line in the Series list and making the edits in the box on the right:

Make sure to Save you changes before continuing on.

Once you like your options, select the Series you wish to create Occurrences for (one, multiple, or all), and press the button on the bottom of the screen:

That's it -- the Occurrences will be create and the data update on this screen to show you when the next scheduled date would be.

Creating schedules for an entire year can now be accomplished in minutes!

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