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Version 2.052 - Enhancing the Route Technician App & Invoicing

During the first two months of the year we've released some significant enhancements with version 2.5 and 2.51. We now officially release version 2.52 which, although focused on the Route Technician App, includes a few minor changes to the core system.

Details of the changes are listed here:

Modifications to Invoice Creation

We finally have the ability to write to the QuickBooks payment option checkboxes -- Bank Transfer and Credit Cards accepted. Now, rather than manually editing those boxes in QuickBooks prior to sending the invoices you can select a default on each as to whether they should be checked or not. The system will automatically check those in QuickBooks during invoice creation for you saving you a lot of extra work in QuickBooks.

Even bigger news -- if you are using Customer Prepayments, the system will automatically write the prepayment reversal to the invoices using all of the prepayment data that you have entered into QuickBooks (using the method described in this tutorial). Only a system with two-directional synchronization between QuickBooks and the Home Watch App could manage this! More details on this enhancement are in this earlier blog.

In Residence Calendar Improvements

In version 2.05 we added the "un-cancel" feature to In Residence processing. With this update, when creating Occurrences for Series, whether in the Work Order Entry screen or the Bulk Renew screen, the system will now create Occurrences during periods where the client is In Residence, but will mark them as Canceled. That way, if the client's dates change the Occurrences will already be available for you to "un-cancel."

Changes to the Route Technician Application

Based on the valuable feedback from our clients, we've made some changes to the display of the Route List itself.

The default view is for the route list to include all Work Orders for a particular date for the user signed in. We now have two new optional views: (1) include any Work Orders that have an earlier date and have not been completed and (2) include Work Orders in the list regardless of who they are assigned to. Both of these are available -- let us know if you want the view changed on your system -- it's a simple configuration option.

The Work Order detail screen now has two additional options, configurable on a per user basis (meaning that you may have some users who have the capability and some who do not).

The first is to include access to all of the Contacts for a particular property. This includes all of the contacts detail present in the Contacts section of the property in the Customer Maintenance screen. Your field user will have full access and can therefore handle situations directly in the field without having to call into the main office.

The second option is the ability to change the quantity directly from the Route Technician Application. This is useful when you have Work Orders for concierge visits and want to allow your field users to put in the number of hours spent directly into the system. This will then become the quantity invoiced when generating your invoices.

Finally, if you are using our Integrated Reporting, you can now vary the template to use by Work Order in addition to the previous ability to vary it by customer. You can therefore pre-assign a template to your field users, removing their ability to choose a particular template.

For more details on these features please refer to the User Guides on the Tutorials Page. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out for assistance! (214)461-0166 or

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