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A little more about us

Lisa and Gary Hawton purchased Las Vegas Home Watchers in 2014.  During the next two years they doubled the business in both volume and revenue, while at the same time working less hours than the previous owners.  

Automation is key to managing a business process and streamlining the work day.  Gary has been in the Finance and IT world for over 30 years and has worked with many large companies streamlining processes and financial activities.  His background was a perfect compliment to an already successful home watch business.

While consulting with larger companies, the common theme is to use a "best of breed" approach when selecting software solutions.  There is no "one fits all" that works for everybody, and if there was it would either be missing key features or be extremely expensive.  Developing things from the ground up is also an issue as a "home built solution,"  with minimal number of users is never as robust as something off-the-shelf with thousands of users.   Now, take the off the shelf and leverage custom Apps for Home Watch and you have a formula for success.

Using the "best of breed" approach led us to the suite of solutions listed on this website.  They fully integrate where they need to, and each is a very strong solution for the business needs that they fit -- be it reporting, accounting, scheduling, etc.

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