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Home Watch Business Management App
Version 24

We have the ONLY full-featured Home Watch Business Management System that includes everything you need to run your business:   home watch scheduling,  client in-residence calendar, client contracts, estate management and profitability, RBO reservation processing, vendor management,  planning and forecasting, portals for customers and vendors, full accounting that is bidirectionally synchronized with QuickBooks.     For more information please see our introductory video here and the additional details below!


With a deep finance background we easily tested to become a QuickBooks Elite ProAdvisor, and we know how to make the best use of QuickBooks' features to streamline your home watch business' bookkeeping.   We'll guide you through using the following features in your business:

Easily flag your expenditures to re-bill a client

You purchase things all the time for your clients -- RBO supplies, plumbing repairs, pest control, etc.  Rather than tracking those receipts in a shoebox, and trying to remember who to bill for what, it's easy to attribute these expenses directly to a client.   Then, when you are ready to invoice the client you can add them with the push of a single button.  We'll show you how easy it is!

Know when your clients view your invoices (and when they pay them)

E-mailing invoices is easy and professional -- knowing when clients open them (or not) helps put you in a better position to manage expectations.   A simple "Pay Now" button is also included so you are in charge of the workflow every step of the way.

Don't rely on a system that just generates an invoice but does nothing with it!  You need to track it, manage what's open and paid, and make it easy and flexible for your clients!

Integrate your information with other systems

Method:CRM, used for scheduling and client management (as described below) is fully integrated so that any information you add in there is automatically synchronized with QuickBooks, and vice versa.  This is true bi-directional synchronization, not just a one-way dump of data into QuickBooks.

No need to re-key information to do your bookkeeping!

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Home Watch App 24 & CRM

Managing all the information you collect about a client -- from their first contact with you through their life as your client -- is more important than ever as you grow.  You just can't remember and juggle all of the moving parts by memory or on paper any longer.

Used by thousands of companies worldwide, Method:CRM allows you to manage all aspects of this life cycle.  When you add Home Watch IT's home-watch specific application to Method's standard package, you have the most powerful and flexible business management system available for the home watch industry.

Home Watch IT was awarded the Best Integrator of 2020 title by Method:CRM validating our detailed and advanced approaches to using the platform for your Home Watch Business!


Manage all of your client's sensitive information in one central location

Keep gate codes, alarm codes, lockbox codes, miscellaneous notes in a secure environment, accessible when you need it and where you need it.    You can keep all of the client's contact information (phone, email, etc.) as well as the contact information of their specific service providers (such as the pool man or landscaper) in a single place.

Work Orders, Route List create and optimization

Each of your home visit or concierge activities starts with a work order.  Create a single template work order for each client with their individual rates and requirements and let the system automatically schedule it every week, every other week, or whatever other interval you need.  The work orders automatically create your daily routes.


The system manages your daily routes for you, and you can access all of the pertinent information via an app, a web browser, or a printed route list -- your choice.   As you plan, use the smart capabilities of the system to re-schedule your routes based on your calendar plans.  Plot the routes on a map and optimize them for best drive times if you wish.

At the end of the month (or beginning, or middle -- it doesn't matter) the work orders come together to create invoices for you (that show up instantly in QuickBooks as well) without you having to think twice, resort to a calendar and start counting, dig out mileage logs....whatever process you use to create invoices today.

Track vendor expenses as they occur by adding them directly to the work order.  They'll also show up in QuickBooks so that you can manage them and pay them as usual.

Easily Track & Plan for RBO Rentals and When Clients Come and Go

If you manage turns and housecleanings for RBO properties (AirBNB, VRBO, HomeAway, etc.) you can now track all of the bookings and schedule housecleanings and walkthrough services automatically.   The system will generate and automatically email your housekeeping service with updated schedules so there is no need to individually track and plan those.

Multiple calendars, coordinating services, tracking guests wishes, are all simplified through a single-screen entry point.  Managing RBO properties just became simple.

Give your housekeepers and vendors a portal where they can view the schedules you have for them and they can notify you when the work is complete.

Home Watch details in our mobile application!

Our native phone/tablet application is an excellent way to work with data while away from the office.  Our applications are all mobile usable and available based on who the user is:  1-Get all of your client info and work orders from the app, or 2-A "Route Only" app used for limited access by your employees while performing home visits.   You set the security.

The apps also provide an easy workflow method of internal communications so that you know exactly what's going on in the field and create a "To Do" list for the admin to manage with respect to scheduling and billing.  Nothing gets lost in a paper shuffle.


Automatically start and perform your reports directly from the app.


Both are valuable additions only available from Home Watch IT!

Synchronize to/from your Gmail calendar and email systems

All of your route schedules and work orders synchronize to your existing calendar.  This allows you to easily access the information from your smartphone calendar, your desktop computer, or wherever you currently use your calendar.   Need to move a couple of appointments?  Easy -- move them in the calendar and the change will synchronize back to the system without you having to think about it.

What about those emails -- they can get unwieldy with so many!   Store them in the system as client activities with the push of a button.   You now have a centralized place to view:  emails, phone calls records, work orders, client info, invoices and payments.    You and the client can easily correspond via email using methods that you are both used to, whether it be on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.  There's no need to log into portals to correspond (unless you want to!!).    All of your communications are easily managed and placed in a single place so that you don't have to go searching.

You can track "pre customer" activities

Your website's contact form can automatically add lead information into the system, along with a sales opportunity.  You can then easily track all interactions with the lead (phone calls, emails, etc.) as well as add reminders to follow up with them until you close the deal.  The website linkage is optional -- everything else is included.

Once they become a customer -- you're set with all of the interactions to date already in place.

This is a full customer lifecycle CRM system!  You can add additional features like Sales Opportunity management, lead management, email list management, etc. 

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