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SOLUTIONS - When you're starting up

Modular Solutions

Our Home Watch Software solutions are created to be "modular" -- meaning you only need to purchase what you need today and add to it as your business grows.  You can start small (and inexpensive) and grow to a full Home Watch Business Management system.

Home Visit Reporting

We offer a very flexible, and very powerful solution to make a home visit quick and easy, while providing your client with the most professional looking report possible.

Complete your checklist at the client's location

Use your tablet or smartphone to perform your inspection while at the client's location.   Do you need to make edits later -- no problem using either your tablet, smartphone, or computer, irrespective of your physical location.

Professional looking reports -- pdf or a web link

It's easy to send reports directly from your device, download them as PDF's to email and store in the cloud, or send a quick web link to the client to view the report online.   It's your choice in how you want to present your image and interact with the client!

Fully customizable templates

You have complete flexibility in your home visit templates and we will help you set them up and create them to suit your requirements.   You need to ask optional questions about a pool?  No problem.   You want to put GPS location stamps on the report?  No problem.   You want to have the person conducting the home visit sign the report?  No problem.

You can have as many templates as you want or need.  You can visit all your clients using a single template, or you can customize them individually -- or both!

As many photos as you want -- fully annotized!

You can add as many photos as you want from directly from your device's camera or from the gallery.  Each photo can be tied to a home inspection item and you can optionally annotate the photo to call specific attention to an issue.

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Client Information App

Your clients' information requires the highest levels of security.  Extremely sensitive information like alarm codes and passwords, gate codes, and even addresses shouldn't be left to a paper list or printout.   Have that information accessible, but yet secure, using our Client Information App.

Cloud based and extremely secure

Your business requires that you are out and about -- you need the flexibility and security of a cloud-based solution.

All of your client's details at your fingertips

Keep gate codes, alarm codes, lockbox codes, miscellaneous notes in a secure environment.   Attach a photo of your client's home to personalize the listing.   You can keep all of the client's contact information (phone, email, etc.) as well as the contact information of their specific service providers (such as the pool man or landscaper) in a single place.

Locations and Directions - GPS aware and integrated

The app knows your client's location and is fully GPS aware.  This means that at the push of a button you can plot all of your clients on a map,  map directions to the client's locations, or link directly to Google maps for driving assistance.

Need to call/text/email someone -- do it with one button push!

Any of the contact information in the app can be used to initiate a phone call, a text, or an email at the push of a button.

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Full-service IT and Home Watch Consulting

Remember -- we've started a home watch business before and can help you with anything IT and business related.   Some of the areas we can and have assisted others include:

  • Getting and setting up your domain (your .com address)

  • Helping you set up a robust email and document storage system  - not a simplistic "email" system provided by your website host

  • Pricing your business offerings

  • Handling accounting requirements and situations

  • And much more!

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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