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Growing from Zero to 11 Clients In Two Months! -- Automation is the key

Two months ago Oro Valley Home Watchers set up a new Tucson-based home watch company and looked to Home Watch IT to provide guidance for all of their IT needs. During their first two months in operation, Dave and Michelle Arellano have grown from zero to 11(!) clients during which time they kept control of all client data, accounting, payments, etc. -- all the while maintaining a very professional appearance.

Here is a quick rundown of what Home Watch IT provided as part of our partnership with Oro Valley Home Watchers (OVHW):

  • Virtual phone system: Clients, and prospective clients, dial one phone number which simultaneously rings OVHW’s office phone as well as the principals’ cell phones. This way they can calls no matter where they are and without the “call my cell phone if I’m not in the office” appearance. They can also make phone calls from their cell phone back to the client and have the Caller ID show their business phone number, preventing clients from getting or seeing your personal number. OVHW also elected to set up a virtual receptionist that answers the line during off-hours and invites the caller to either leave a message or to press “1” if it’s an emergency, in which case it will ring through to their office and cell phones.

  • Home Visit Checklist and Reporting: Using our enhanced version of iAuditor, OVHW was able to take professional reports from Day 1, and has since used the simple, yet clearly defined reports to attract additional clients. They especially love the ability to annotate photos embedded directly in their reports in order to call attention to potential issues. Some key enhancements will be announced on our Facebook page in the next few weeks.

  • Full Accounting System: OVHW started using QuickBooks from the beginning, streamlining all of their accounting and expense tracking into one easy-to-use, comprehensive system. You can automatically load bank and credit card transactions, categorizing any expenses that need to be billed back out to a client if necessary, and never lose track of who-gets-billed-what expense!

  • Scheduling and Invoicing System: Method CRM provides the best client information and scheduling system available with deep interfaces directly into QuickBooks. OVHW schedules their clients out a year at a time and is able to accurately forecast what future months look like and manage their schedules like a pro. They utilize the Home Watch IT enhancements to Method to track client information like alarm and gate codes, service provider contact information, and other home-watch specific data that you need to store. Invoicing is quickly and easily created from the schedule and automatically shows up in QuickBooks, ready to send a professional-looking invoice to the client which the client can pay easily online with the click of a button. OVHW has the ability to track the invoice and see if a client has viewed it, reviewed it, and most importantly paid it!

OVHW’s entire operation is automated and streamlined, allowing Dave and Michelle to focus more on growing their business rather than dealing with administration tasks -- as shown by their quick growth! Dave has posted a great testimonial on our website at:

For more information on how we can help you streamline your business, review our website at or call us directly at (214) 461-0166.

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