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  • Gary Hawton

Home Watch IT's New App for Method:CRM

We have a number of clients using Method:CRM for the scheduling, customer information, and billing. It's been almost 3 years since Home Watch IT originally added home watch business-specific enhancements to Method allowing the most flexible business-management package available.

As many of you know, Method is creating a whole new user experience and look, called Method:New (vs the older Method:Classic). One feature that Method:New offered was a dedicated app, which works on iOS and Android systems, either phones or tablets. This app allows you to access and interact with all of your Method data no matter where you are located.

We are pleased to announce our newly-released Home Watch application that runs within the Method application. Now, all of your home watch data, currently contained and managed in Method:Classic can be accessed directly in the Method app: customer information, home watch details, contacts, etc.

The most exciting part is that route lists can now be displayed directly in the app -- which means that you don't need paper route lists while out doing home visits, but can access today's route list on a phone or tablet. Using the phones/tablet's security plus the Method built-in security all of your data now remains extra secure and confidential.

Administrators can pull up all client work order information for all dates to review as necessary. Non-Administrators can pull up only their route information and the client info pertinent to the clients on that day's route.

Once each work order is complete, you can mark it complete directly from the app, making real-time data efficiences a reality, while also giving you a completely paperless work experience.

We're excited to be a Method:CRM partner and to make our Home Watch Application available to all Method users for a small monthly fee. Call us now for more information or to see the app in action!

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