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  • Gary Hawton

NEW: Manage Your RBO Clients Easily!

We continue to add features to our Home Watch App for Method:CRM. If you manage RBO properties for clients, you now have the easiest, single-screen way to manage all of your bookings and related processes.

We've all tried to manage RBO comings and goings with a variety of calendars, houskeeping schedules, walkthrough schedules, etc. and know that with all the moving parts it could be easy to miss something. As a result, we created a simple yet comprehensive addition to our App to manage these properties.

With this change, a new menu item called “RBO Processing” has been added. When selecting this item, you will be presented with a list of scheduled bookings, booking numbers, client names and what dates they will be in. Note that this view will default to the current date and later but it is easy to modify the view by selecting a different view date.

To add a new booking, press the Green button which will take you to the booking entry screen. Fill in the booking information as required. If you want to schedule housekeeping, click the checkbox and assign a date to the housekeeper. If you want to schedule a walkthrough, click the checkbox and assign a date for the walkthrough inspection.

After pressing Save, the booking will be saved, a work order will be created for the walkthrough and an activity event will be created for housekeeping.

Where everything ties together is when you view all the bookings for an individual property. From this tab, a single button will send a report of all scheduled cleanings to your housekeeper. You can also view a report of all bookings or easily email a report of all bookings to the person responsible for managing those properties.

It's never been easier, and more efficient, to manage a large number of RBO bookings. We’re excited about this addition and know it will be very useful to our clients who manage RBOs.

For more information, a demo, or to arrange to have this added to your existing system, please contact us anytime at [email protected] or 214-461-0166.

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