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  • Gary Hawton

A Huge Leap Forward: Version 3.0!

We are celebrating the one-year anniversary of our completely rewritten Home Watch App for Method:CRM with some significant enhancements. There are so many great changes that we decided to call it Version 3!

Included in this release are the following:

Automatic Occurrences!! Make Scheduling Even Easier!

  • You no longer need to manually create Occurrences -- now you can “set it and forget it” -- the system will create the Occurrences automatically based on the schedule you assign. When creating the new Occurrences, the system will create everything in a time window you define (default is 12 months), It will respect all In-Residence entries made, meaning that it is aware of when customers come and go and will assign (or not!) accordingly!

  • When using the daily occurrence interval, you now have the option to exclude weekends.

iAuditor Fully Integrated

  • iAuditor is now fully integrated with our Home Watch App for Method:CRM - start iAuditor reports from the Route Technician App and mark visits as complete within iAuditor.

Work Orders Enhancements

  • The Work Order Calendar now displays the customer’s name in the title line.

  • You can assign Work Orders to Vendors -- either as the primary AssignedTo, or as a new Vendor Assigned field. If you use either of these fields the Vendor’s Work Order will now appear in the Vendor Portal allowing them to know what you have scheduled for them.

  • You can enter vendor bills against Work Order directly into the Work Order screen. The vendor bills will automatically sync to QuickBooks so that you can manage your Accounts Payable and issue payments as usual.

  • Date/Time emailed for IR reports now displayed the same as iAuditor. There is also a new view in the Work Order List where you can show the date/time each Work Order report was sent on a single screen.


  • The description of the Handyman contact field is now variable -- you can change it to whatever you like (e.g. HVAC company) in the Preferences Screen.

  • A Customer Prepayments list is now available to show you all prepaid balances and all the details of the balance (ins/outs) -- something only possible with two-way QuickBooks synchronization.

  • Access Notes has been added to the Customer Screen (and the Route Technician App).

  • RBO Series ID now validated on customer screen -- the customer must match.

Route Technician App

  • Route Technician’s Work Order Detail now cleaner and easier to read.

  • Work Order instructions highlighted in red so they can’t be missed.

  • You can now turn on/off the Customer Contacts in the Route Detail -- you may want some of your employees to see it and some not to. It’s easy to do through the Preferences screen.

Client Portal

  • The Client can now enter In Residence Dates for you! They will appear on your In-Residence List in a special area so that you can review these entries and compare them to your schedule properly.

  • Client Chat is available as an option. All interactions will be saved in Method’s Activities alongside your log of emails, phone calls, work orders, etc. You can use it if you want or hide it with a simple checkbox in the Preferences window.

Vendor Portal

  • The Housekeeper Portal is now called Vendor Portal -- as we’ve expanded it and made it universal!

  • Work Orders assigned to for vendors now visible in addition to housekeeping calendar, making it even easier to manage your subcontracted vendor companies.


  • The Preferences Screen has been redesigned to be clearer and easier to use.

  • Several other screens made clearer and easier to view.

  • RBO now available on mobile devices.

  • We’ve made the process for creating Invoices even faster!

  • Many other small fixes.

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