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  • Gary Hawton

How to Bulk Send Invoices in QuickBooks Online

Once you've generated all of your invoices, and have reviewed them, you're ready to send them out to your customers. It's very easy to send out all of your invoices in a few simple steps.

First, select Sales on the left menu and All Sales in the transaction tab above. Open the Filter dialog and filter out the invoices you wish to send. In this example I've filtered just the invoices dated 6/17/19.

Now, with only the invoices listed that we wish to send, it's easy to check the box to select all of the invoices at once (into a "batch") and send the entire batch with one push. After the invoices are selected, select Batch Actions, and then Send transactions like this:

That's it -- QuickBooks will now send out all of the selected invoices for you, using your standard email template.

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