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  • Gary Hawton

Scheduling Made Simple: Using Auto-Occurrences

Version 3.0 of our Home Watch Application for Method:CRM contains many new features and enhancements, but perhaps the most exciting is "Auto Occurrences."

Basically, with Auto-Occurrences you can "set it and forget it" and the system will automatically continue to add Occurrences to the system without your intervention. It will automatically schedule around dates that the client will be In Residence making your scheduling needs seamless. The old manner of inserting Occurrences for a selected date range will remain, so if your business is very seasonal you can continue using the date range as you have been.

There are some steps required to begin using the feature. First, any Series that were entered, or last touched, prior to our October 2018 release (Method:New only) will need some intervention -- this will be discussed below. Any Series entered after that period or any Series where you inserted Occurrences after that period will not require any extra efforts, other than the following use steps. Yes, we have been preparing for this update since October!!

By default, Work Orders will be created 12 months ahead. You can increase of decrease this 12-month horizon by changing it in the Preferences screen. If you're happy with 12 months there is no need to do anything special.

To actually use the feature, you will see a new checkbox on the Series screen that says "No End Date." Check the box and press Save. That's it!

If you have Series entered before October, or don't see the Start Date automatically populated, you need to do the following steps to prepare your Series for Auto-Occurrences.

1-Enter in a valid start date. Remember that this determines the base day of the week as well, but will be adjusted through Route Planning.

2-Enter in the frequency data, and check the "No End Date" checkbox. When you do, the End Date will be automatically calculated and filled in for you.

3-Press Insert Occurrences. When finished, just Save & Close the Series and you're done.

That's it!! Simple to set up and even simpler to use.

For more information or any questions please contact us at [email protected] or (214)461-0166.

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