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Security Settings in iAuditor

Security of your visit reports is very important, not only for your client but also for you. The good news is that iAuditor makes security settings automatic and easily set to provide you and your customer confidence that the reports are confidential.

But, by making the settings easy and automatic it can sometimes leave a setting you want out of the equation. This happens when you copy an existing template to a new one, or if you create a new one from scratch. When you do this, the newly created template is automatically "owned" by you, the user, and not available to anyone else in your company, or "group."

Making a template owned by your company group is very important for two reasons: (1) if you have multiple people in your company doing reports you want them all to see the template, and (2) if you are using the iAuditor direct integration with our Home Watch Business Management App for Method:CRM the program needs to have access to the template on the backend in order to integrate, or talk, between the programs.

Setting the security is easy and quick, but there are 2 distinct steps -- first, the template must be shared, and second, the reports created from the template need to know how they should be shared as well.

To set the security for a template, mouse over the template you are updating while logged into iAuditor, and you will see a "Share" button in blue. Click that.

This will then open up the security/share window, showing you how the template/audits are currently being shared. Click on the Share With button on the bottom.

Making sure that the Groups tab is highlighted, search for your company's group ID and check the box next to it. Click the type of permissions you wish to give, in this case View, Edit, and Delete. You may also give only View and Edit which will prevent other users from being able to delete your template accidentally.

When you have finished, click on the Next (Share Inspections) button to go to the next screen.

This is where you will set up how any inspections created from this template will be shared. Doing the same steps you just did above, first make sure that you are on the Groups tab, filter for your company group, then set the permission to View, Edit and Delete. When finished click Done.

You have now shared your template among your company group.

Other uses for sharing templates can be very useful as well. If you are leaving for a trip and another colleague is covering your home visits while you are away, you can share your template with their company group if they are also a HomeWatchIT client, and they can then use your template to do the inspections. The client will still see your template and logo on their finished report.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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