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Grid Lists - Flexible and Powerful!

Throughout our Home Watch Application for Method, we use Grid Lists to display information as well as give you a large amount of power and flexibility to look for the data you want, display it in the fashion you want and even export the data.

You'll see Grid Lists in the Work Order List, Customer List, RBO Lists, and In-Residence Lists for starters. Let's look at the different options available and how you can leverage these features for your own business requirements.

Starting with a picture of the Work Order List, we'll look at the 5 advanced components as highlighted in this picture:

Before we discuss the Advanced Features -- remember that there are some basic features available. Like on most grids, clicking the column heading will sort the entire Grid List by the value in the column you click. For example, clicking the word "Customer" would sort everything alphabetically (A-Z) by Customer Name. Clicking "Customer" a second time will reverse the sort (Z-A). Click on "Start Date" to sort things by date, etc.

You'll also have a number of pages available and the ability to jump between pages (this would be on the bottom of the Grid List but isn't in my example picture above).

Now for the Advanced Features!

Feature #1: The View Selector. This provides some pre-built views for your data (although you can add you own as discussed below).

In the example of Work Order Lists above, you'll see two sections: My Views and Standard Views. My Views are views that you can create and save yourself -- more on that later. Standard Views are included in the system and in the case of the Work Order List, you have the choice of "Work Orders not started before date", "Work Orders in the date range (Active)", "Work Orders in the date range (Active and Cancelled)", and "All Series." By changing the Filter View in the View Selector you can quickly change what you are looking at.

Feature #2: Search/Advanced Search. First, regular Search -- simply type some data into the Search box and hit the magnifying glass. This is a quick and easy way to quickly look for a particular customer and filter the work orders for just that customer. Simply type their name into the Search box and press the magnifying glass.

For even more flexibility you can click on Advanced Search to set up multiple parameters to search on. For example, in the Work Order List, clicking on Advanced Search will bring up the following window:

Using the Advanced Search you could easily search and filter for Work Orders such as "Show me Work Orders assigned to Gary in the city of Las Vegas" or "Show me Work Orders that are Completed for Joe Smith prior to March 1, 2018." The possibilities are endless here!

Feature #3: Save As A View. Let's say you've just created a view that you know you'll want to use again -- you have your columns figured out, sorted in the correct order, search set up the way you want -- click this button and you'll be able to add a name to the View.

Once you name the View and click Save, it will appear under the View Selector in the My Views section. Note that if you have multiple users, you can determine if the View should be shared with everyone in your organization or just to be used by you.

Feature #4: Visible Columns. Clicking on the gear icon will bring up a list of the different types of data available for columns on your Grid List.

You can easily add or remove columns of data by selecting the individual boxes listed and selecting Update. The Grid List will then redraw with your selections noted.

Feature #5: Download as CSV. Clicking the Cloud Icon will download the contents of your Grid List as a CSV file you can then open in Google Sheets, Excel or any other program that can read a CSV file. If you need to do some planning calculations, route calculations, etc., it is easy to download the information from the Grid List and use it as you require.

The power and flexibility is there for you!

Feel free to play with these settings and create views as you see fit. If you no longer need a View that you previously saved, you can click on the "Manage Views" link shown above (under Feature #1) and remove it.

If you have any questions or comments on these features, please don't hesitate to ask!

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