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Version 2.05/2.051 - Adding usability features!

Over the past two months we've released two significant upgrades and many features and changes to improve overall usability. We're making it even easier to set up series, manage RBO bookings, manage client schedules and manage your daily routes.

Details of the changes are listed here:

Modifications to Series Management (version 2.05)

Several changes are in place to make management of Series easier -- now you can add a new Series on the fly, rather than first creating a OneTime Work Order and converting it. You'll see a new link on your Work Order List screen that says "New Series."

We've modified the view for All Series to include canceled Series just in case you want to make a previously canceled one active again. And, we've added the ability to delete a Series, so long as all of the Occurrences for the Series have been completed and invoiced, or canceled.

You can also now cancel a Series when on the Bulk Renew screen.

In Residence Calendar Improvements

You can now "un-cancel" work orders from the In Residence screen. This way, if a client changes the dates that they are coming in you can manage both the cancellation and reinstatement of work orders directly from the same screen. (version 2.05)

When creating Occurrences for Series, whether in the Work Order Entry screen or the Bulk Renew screen, the system will now create Occurrences during periods where the client is In Residence, but will mark them as Canceled. That way, if the client's dates change the Occurrences will already be available for you to "un-cancel." (version 2.052)

The Customer App (version 2.051)

Changes to the app include the ability to create custom views on the Customer List, similar to the way you can on the Work Order List.

The Customer Screen now includes all upcoming Work Orders/In Residence/RBO entries as a view directly on the Customer Screen. You can also enter new Work Orders and/or Series directly from the Customer Screen as well. The Customer Screen has also been enhanced to provide a more clear view when viewing on a mobile device, including the ability to attach files to the customer record (such as a contract, intake sheet, etc.).

Work Order List Improvements (version 2.051)

With the full integration of iAuditor reports, in addition to our Integrated Reporting, we now store the date and time that the client was emailed the report, irrespective of it being iAuditor or IR. The Work Order List includes a view to show report dates to validate when reports were mailed.

The ability to email multiple client reports at once was added -- check the boxes next to the Work Orders, then select Email Reports from the Actions on Selected Work Orders button. Note that when emailing multiple emails the system will not give you an edit option on each email, but will simply send all the reports quickly in the background using your standard email template.

The Change Dates functionality was enhanced to provide faster and more accurate results when doing bulk, difficult moves.

RBO Welcome Letters Functionality (version 2.051)

If you handle RBO properties the system will now allow you to send Welcome Letters to your guests prior to their arrival. You can set up various informational pieces on the property, including a variable template for each property. The system will automatically merge the fields as your template dictates and email them without any manual steps required on the date you specify.

Coming Soon

Version 2.052 includes more improvements concerning the Field Technician application and enhancements to the QuickBooks/Invoicing integration. It's currently being beta tested and should be released shortly. Look for another announcement when it is released.

For more details on these features please refer to the User Guides on the Tutorials Page. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out for assistance! (214)461-0166 or

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